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on the bus


Samsung galaxy + CameraBag filters

On a bus ride home after a visit to the town center.

It was a cool but sunny morning on my day off. I had to handle some administration in the town center today.

But first I had to get a coffee. A large Latte, please, and make the coffee strong, thank you.

Ok, the caffeine was kicking in and I was on my way again. Passing a second-hand bookshop, I could not resist buying a biography of the french writer Jean Genet. This means another book that will have to wait until I finished all the other books lying on the shelf.

The administration business finished (phew), I strolled along the high street to the bus station. This street was, as usual, quiet busy with shoppers and people soliciting for your good heart.

I got on the bus, and this photo was what I saw inside the vehicle. A pity,  you cannot see the crate of beer, he was carrying along.

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