Thomas Ruff | Lichten SMAK Ghent Belgium 17.05… 24.08.2014

Another great exhibition at SMAK Ghent Belgium coming up:


thomas ruff

Here’s the intro to the exhibition, at least what SMAK has to say about it.

As part of its focus series on the artists in the collection, the S.M.A.K. is organising an exhibition of works by Thomas Ruff (Zell am Harmersbach, Germany, 1958). As the leading figure in the Dusseldorf school of photography, Ruff is best known for his series of staged and generic portraits. The S.M.A.K. exhibition concentrates on the pivotal change affecting photography over the last 30 years: the gradual disappearance of light in the transition from analogue to digital photography. Starting with Ruff’s ‘Photograms’ (2012 to the present-day) – a simulation of this historical genre – the exhibition includes amongst others ‘Sterne’ (1989-1992), ‘Nächte’ (1992-1996) and his first series, ‘Interieurs’ (1979-1983). Technical considerations, rendered in images of stars at night, infrared shots of city suburbs and domestic still lives, construct a political and social perspective of the status of images.

As sweet as it gets – Borremans at Bozart Brussels

I finally decided to get on my feet and visit the Borremans retrospective at Bozart in Brussels.

The only thing I can say is : and so should you!

Who is Borremans

One warning though: go early or midweek or at an exceptional hour, because this expo is beginning to break all the visitor records since the start of Bozart. But still this is a must see.

And if you can combine this expo with this one: Zurbaran, master of Spain’s Golden age. These paintings are related in a way. They make a hell of a duo.

Who is Zurbaran

Well done, Bozart and thanks for all your efforts.


agnus dei

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The city was flooded with these little plaster lambs, last friday.  It was an art project celebrating the 80th birthday of the theft of one of the panels called : ” the just judges”.

I cannot mention the artist because I do not find any references anymore.  Somebody help?

You can see the Ghent Altar piece here in all its glory

and read more about the theft and the ongoing search here.

Roger Ballen : A PHOTOGRAPGER’S DREAM – Museum dr. Guislain ,Ghent ,Belgium until 09-09-2014

Roger Ballen

Our big little museum Dr. Guislain surprises me with an exhibition of one of my favourite controversial photographers: Roger Ballen .

His work is very disturbing if not shocking: isolation, incest, poverty, ……. in fact the thin line between normality and abnormality. You make your choice.

It is well worth a visit and again a hit for Museum Dr. Guislain.

The exhibition runs until 09-09-2014.

roger ballen



Roger Ballen


Roger Ballen: voyage dans notre inconscient

Roger Ballen, 64 ans, né à New York en 1950 mais vivant à Johannesbourg depuis plus de 30 ans, est là, sous un soleil de plein été, dans la cour ensoleillée du musée du Dr Guislain à Gand. Il parcourt l’exposition avec nous. Le musée, niché dans un …


Berlin: Topographie des Terrors, a must visit


Berlin is my favorite city. It is a joyful, cultural, historical and spacious city.


Topography of Terror

The Topography of Terror (Topographie des Terrors) is an outdoor and indoor history museum in Berlin , Germany . It is located on



Be prepared, this is not a nice cultural visit.

This is  entering  a world, not so long ago, where people were imprisoned, tortured and butchered when they didn’t fit in. But this is an essential and recommended visit if you care about your fellow human being and belief in human rights.

This is also a warning : this could happen again, sooner than you think, if we are not careful.