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Church: time flies



Me and my Iphone were on our way to work again.

This is the neighbourhood church at daybreak, shot with a random Hipstamatic filter.

I get the feeling I’m looking at picture taken some 70 years ago, when a great part of social live evolved around the church and the pubs and shops around it.

No more pubs in the neighbourhood except one. No bakery (well, there is  one again, in fact. A young courageous couple rowing against the stream. May the Force be with them.) , no butcher or grocery shop. They have all disappeared and been replaced with one big supermarket.

There was a time that I ran away from this sort of coziness, but now I sometimes mis the gossiping neighbourhood ladies at the grocery store, the friendly people next door.

I get the feeling, looking at this photograph, this church is lonely, waiting for a time and people that will never return.

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