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Pike Brothers Jeans Review as promised


On one of my many dwellings on the Internet, in search of valuable, durable denim, I came across Pike Brothers.

I have to say: it was love on first sight. Their collection of jeans went straight to my heart and I had to order one straight away. I went for the “1937 Roamer pant 11 oz”(see below). I have to say this was all about one year and a half ago.

When they arrived, I gave them the obligatory soak. They came out with notable change. (oh by the way, the size chart and tips on Pike Brothers is very accurate) and started breaking them in.  The opening and closing of the fly being the main problem (if you are in a hurry). And along the way the jeans started to fit more and more nicely. And after one wash (spilled tomato juice) they look like this:

2014-03-23 15.37.432014-03-23 15.39.402014-03-23 15.39.08

 Just to say I’m a happy costumer. Just last autumn, I ordered the : ‘1935 Mechanic bib” and ,even if I don’t wear them as much as the ‘1937’ , I wear them gladly.  See below (no that isn’t me)

My next order will probably be the ‘1948 Roamer pant’, plain and simple and beautifully described here .

So Thank you Pike Brothers for creating the denim look I love. Looking forward to the arriving of the 1948, when I order them soon.

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