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Summer of Photography Bozart Brussels Belgium 18-06-2014 – 31-08-2014


On the initiative of BOZAR, 35 partners have once again joined forces to establish an international platform for photography in Belgium. The 2014 edition of the Summer of Photography, a festival of international stature, will be the fifth. This year’s principal exhibition, Woman: The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s at the Centre for Fine Arts, takes gender as its central theme. Together with its partners, BOZAR hopes, via this exhibition, to encourage debate on the position of men and women in society today; a number of organisations in the cultural and social sectors have decided to get involved. The same theme is also relevant to the exhibition of African women’s art, Where We’re At, and the projects The Belgian Six of The Word andKinderwunsch of Ana Casas, also at the Centre for Fine Arts.

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