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Sunday morning, and the weather was sunny with still a glimpse of winter coldness in the air.

One of the favourite pastimes of  people, living in Ghent, is to saunter from the weekly flea market to the flower market with a side step to the book market, or the other way around of course, stopping along the way for a coffee or something stronger.

The weather was perfect, so today, I joined this pilgrimage.

Browsing the many stalls I found this today.

– 2 heavy cotton off white, short sleeved Interlock T-shirts with button front row, brand name “la cygone” (translation = stork, all info would be greatly appreciated, thank you. A quick look in the Internet gave me no more information.) They could well be from the sixties or older. there is a price label of 50 Belgian Francs (would be €30 now, I think) I paid for the 2 exactly €5. That’s cheap, for something with the right care, will last a very long time.

50 BEF

50 BEFsleeve

la cygogne T-shirt

la cygogne T-shirt

They will look nice on a pair of jeans.

– a Montgomery Ward Jeans St.  heavyweight jeans. They date from the mid or late seventies and how they ended up in a second hand stall here in Ghent is an enigma. For the cult lovers : Jack Kerouac wore them once. Look here.

montgomery ward montgomery ward montgomery ward

And again any info about this label or trade mark are most welcome.

This pair cost me €8.

I cannot wait to wear them.  Of course, I will treat them with respect along the way and show you pictures of them when they have a little wear.


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