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Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists’ Scrapbooks



This is likely worth a visit, when you’re in or passing through London……

Title: Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists’ Scrapbooks

Where: ICA London

When: 1 Apr 2014 – 11 May 2014


The scrapbook has long been used as a storehouse for memories — to preserve a lock of hair, a sentimental piece of correspondence, a magazine clipping, or a beloved snapshot. Finding a historical precedent in the 17th-century commonplace book, in which bits of scripture might be jotted down alongside literary quotations and recipes, the scrapbook evolved into a highly crafted visual record, a diary not just of thoughts, but also of things. Artists began to engage with the scrapbook in earnest in the postwar period, using the page as variously as the canvas, albeit on a smaller scale. As the title ‘Paperwork’ suggests, this display explores how contemporary artists have used the scrapbook to forge an intimate artistic identity, in opposition to the bureaucratic, administrative papers that provide official identification.

I’ve been doing this for years, but this is something else.

Featuring Brigid Berlin, William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin, Jimmy De Sana, John Evans, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Isa Genzken, Al Hansen, Richard Hawkins, Geoffrey Hendricks, Ray Johnson & Brian Buczak, Leigh Ledare, Gerhard Richter, Jean-Michel Wicker, and Karin Schneider.

Let me know if it was worth the visit. Well, it should be anyhow, the ICA has a lot going on, any time. Pay them a visit.

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