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Ruiter Tassen: satchels that will last


I needed a sturdy satchel that could carry my notebooks, sketchbooks, pencils, camera and things from work. It would have to able to carry a lot and  it would be confronted with bicycles, trains and pushy pedestrians. It would have to stand extreme weather conditions. It would have to be my faithful companion on my daily commuting, occasional city trips and voyages.

After a few tries, I quickly came to the conclusion that your average high street rucksack would not  match these criteria.

I was gradually giving up and then…

There in a corner of a shop window, were what looked like heavy duty satchels. I stepped inside and asked the shop owner if I could have a look at one of those satchels.

Boy, this was what I was looking for.

Ruiter Tassen

They smelled nicely of genuine leather, which was thick (2,6 -2,8mm) and heavy. And I liked the colour : a beautiful shade of chocolate brown. It reminded me of my first satchel ever, the one I carried to primary school.

Ruiter Tassen

It had 5 compartments: 3 large ones and 2 small ones closing with a zipper. One of the large compartments had pockets where you could store pen or pencils. An other was cushion lined so you could store a tablet or small laptop. On the outside,  were 2 useful smaller pockets, each the size of a large wallet.


This was what I needed and I did not think twice, payed and stepped outside with my new satchel proudly hanging of my shoulder.
2014-03-09 10.36.32

All this was about a year ago and I’m still walking proudly.  The satchel  had to endure a lot: it fell my bicycle a few times, was trampled upon, shoved about, was soaked in heavy rain, stood in blistering sunlight…..  Only a few scratches and beautiful darkening of the colour bear witness to what it is being going through. The cowhide still feels soft and shows no sign of drying or cracking.


You can have look if like them or find a dealer of these beautiful satchels here. I hope you’ll be as proud as me walking the streets with a Ruiter Tassen satchel swung around your back.

ruiter tassen

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