Bozart Electronic Arts Festival September 25 – 27 2014

After just two editions, the BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF) is already a reference for lovers of the electronic arts. BEAF attracts both specialists and the general public with artists who exploit the lightning pace of technological developments in order to express their ideas. In the unique setting of the Centre for Fine Arts, we mix music, performances, installations, workshops and conferences into a fascinating whole.
You will become acquainted with world-famous names, and you are bound to come across new discoveries too. For example, the fragile tones of Nils Frahm, the almost physical sound castles of Ben Frost or the intense dark ambient of Mondkopf, and the absolutely unique, whirlwind style of Fuck Buttons. From the start, you are immersed in a festive mood thanks to the sounds of electronic prodigy Max Cooper or the surprising Young Echo collective. You can also view art work by Quayola, Felix Luque Sánchez or renowned architect Luc Deleu.
We also ask the question whether scientists, researchers and artists can mean something to each other. A study commissioned by the European Commission shows for the first time the finest examples hereof in a fascinating series of presentations. In the Centre for Fine Arts, a surprising and intense three-day event packed with electronic arts awaits you.CONCERTS & PERFORMANCES:
Nils Frahm
 – Erased Tapes [DE]
Fuck Buttons  ATP Recordings [UK]
Ben Frost – Bedroom Community [AU]
Max Cooper
Robert Henke (Monolake) –
 Lumière [DE]
 aka Ólafur Arnalds & Janus Rasmussen – Erased Tapes [DE]
Mondkopf – Paradisium [FR]
Tim Hecker
 – Kranky Records [CA]
Young Echo
 [UK] -in collaboration with the Ancienne Belgique
Powell – Diagonal Records [UK]
Thomas Ankersmit [NL] & Phill Niblock [US]
Ictus & Cédric Dambrain 
 – Opal Tapes [BE | IT]
Saskia De Coster meets Inne Eysermans (Amatorski) – Heinz – Literary musical performance [BE]
Cod.Act, | Michel & André Décosterd – Pendulum Choir [CH]

Orban Space – Luc Deleu – T.O.P. Office | ICT & ART CONNECT 
Strata – Quayola 
Tripwire – Jean-Michel Albert [FR] & Ashley Fure [USA]
D.W.I – Félix Luque Sánchez 
Steina & Woody Vasulka [US]

.study – ICT & ART CONNECT
Tools for Unknown Futures – European Cities Of Advanced Sound

Program changes may occur. We recommend that you take a look now and then at our website.

For entrance prises and precise dates and hours please refer to the website

Velak export #3 26+27-06-2014 Les Ateliers Claus 1060 Brussel Sint-Gillis

Thursday – 26 Jun – 20:00 – 3 – no presale
VELAK Export #3
Velak, a Vienna-based collective engaged in electroacoustic music, meets Brussels.
As part of the latest project, Velak Export #3 aims to connect the experimental music scene of both cities.
You’re invited to two days of deep listening sessions and peculiar performances. Enjoy sound and noise in all its lively forms.
day 1:
Reinhard Dundler & Paul Gründorfer
Johannes Eimermacher & Irene Pacini & Caroline Profanter
Pauwel de Buck
Laura Mello
Gueule Populaire (Rosi Rehformen & Margaret Unknown)
Els Viaene
Krach der Roboter
day 2:
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara & Anna Steiden
Audrey Lauro & Pak Yan Lau
Ingrid Schmoliner & Juan Parra
Yannick Franck
Tamara Wilhelm & Daniel Lercher & Vinzenz Schwab
Floris Vanhoof
DJ: Tommy De Nys
artistic intervention: Stephanie Quirola

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on both days to see:
Installation by Stephanie Quirola
Velak Export #3 is brought to you by Ateliers Claus, QO-2, Velak, the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and the SKE-Fonds.

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