Pike Brothers Jeans Review as promised

On one of my many dwellings on the Internet, in search of valuable, durable denim, I came across Pike Brothers.

I have to say: it was love on first sight. Their collection of jeans went straight to my heart and I had to order one straight away. I went for the “1937 Roamer pant 11 oz”(see below). I have to say this was all about one year and a half ago.

When they arrived, I gave them the obligatory soak. They came out with notable change. (oh by the way, the size chart and tips on Pike Brothers is very accurate) and started breaking them in.  The opening and closing of the fly being the main problem (if you are in a hurry). And along the way the jeans started to fit more and more nicely. And after one wash (spilled tomato juice) they look like this:

2014-03-23 15.37.432014-03-23 15.39.402014-03-23 15.39.08

 Just to say I’m a happy costumer. Just last autumn, I ordered the : ‘1935 Mechanic bib” and ,even if I don’t wear them as much as the ‘1937’ , I wear them gladly.  See below (no that isn’t me)

My next order will probably be the ‘1948 Roamer pant’, plain and simple and beautifully described here .

So Thank you Pike Brothers for creating the denim look I love. Looking forward to the arriving of the 1948, when I order them soon.

flea market finds

Sunday morning, and the weather was sunny with still a glimpse of winter coldness in the air.

One of the favourite pastimes of  people, living in Ghent, is to saunter from the weekly flea market to the flower market with a side step to the book market, or the other way around of course, stopping along the way for a coffee or something stronger.

The weather was perfect, so today, I joined this pilgrimage.

Browsing the many stalls I found this today.

– 2 heavy cotton off white, short sleeved Interlock T-shirts with button front row, brand name “la cygone” (translation = stork, all info would be greatly appreciated, thank you. A quick look in the Internet gave me no more information.) They could well be from the sixties or older. there is a price label of 50 Belgian Francs (would be €30 now, I think) I paid for the 2 exactly €5. That’s cheap, for something with the right care, will last a very long time.

50 BEF
50 BEFsleeve
la cygogne T-shirt
la cygogne T-shirt

They will look nice on a pair of jeans.

– a Montgomery Ward Jeans St.  heavyweight jeans. They date from the mid or late seventies and how they ended up in a second hand stall here in Ghent is an enigma. For the cult lovers : Jack Kerouac wore them once. Look here.

montgomery ward montgomery ward montgomery ward

And again any info about this label or trade mark are most welcome.

This pair cost me €8.

I cannot wait to wear them.  Of course, I will treat them with respect along the way and show you pictures of them when they have a little wear.